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Saturday, June 6, 2015

2015 Madison HP Saturday Banquet

This is the irrepressible Nancy Brown in her blow-up horse costume. Yes, she gave me permission to take photos.

We began dinner with a fancy salad housed inside lettuce leaves.

Main entree was steak with asparagus and mashed potato. This is the 1st meal in several years that was not chicken. And the steak was delicious.

Dessert was a creamy cheesecake topped by lingonberries and raspberries.

Here's our table gifts all lined up. We had 9 people at our table instead of 10.

Gifts from Judith Meyer, our table hostess.

Gifts from Nancy Brown. Did you know you can get 2 oz sizes of Mod Podge from Dollar Tree? Very convenient.

QS cupcakes from Jen Rich

Trellis bench with roses growing on the sides from Deborah. The one I got was crushed in smithereens. Fortunately, she had an extra because we had 9 instead of 10 people at our table, so I got one in pristine condition.

Tinkerbell and bouquet of roses from Joann Haugen.

Straw hat, basket of flowers, broom and metal bucket from Deb Case.

My favorite gift came in a mysterious box covered with "hay" graphic from Sue Spangler.

Here's what's inside--a Little Boy Blue vignette. 

The tan stump from under the hay is the Little Boy sleeping.

Here's the poem on the bottom of the box.

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