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Saturday, June 6, 2015

2015 Madison HP Sunday Brunch and Souvenirs

Scrambled eggs, bacon, French toast, coffee, water, and fresh squeezed orange juice. Great way to start the day.

Souvenir from Sue Herber and Karen Cary--a food stand in shape of a wedge of cheese.

An array of county fair food from Janet Smith. These are really tiny, and therefore in scale.

A gift from the Steering Committee--a Dunking Booth

Our table centerpiece on Saturday

A pop-up lemonade stand card at every seat, The utensils are inside a Popcorn bag.

An array of ads and gifts for upcoming NAME conventions and HPs.

Our centerpiece on Sunday. Made by Patty Johnson

This is the other side of the Sunday centerpiece. The neon lights have two functions--flashing or continuous. Lights are housed under the base, which has a Lazy Susan so you can spin around to your hearts content. No need to mess with cords and outlets, it's battery operated. The base was laser cut by Susan Karatjas.

The way they determined the centerpiece winner was clever and fun. There were balloons (at least 10) at each table. None of us knew this at the time, because the balloons were in place at all 3 meal functions. We just thought it was part of the decorations. Little did we know each balloon had a message inside (see above). We had to pop the balloons to see who got the winning message. And I WON!!!!! Whooopppeeee. I was thrilled.

We received this QS Windmill at Thursday Luncheon, made by Teresa Callender. The blades actually spin, but mine is a little stuck. The souvenir was hidden inside the Popcorn container in the back and on the top was actual popcorn glued to hide the gift. They advised us not to eat the popcorn.

These are cool Mr. Lid containers that came with the Steering Committee gifts. They are really nice quality with hinged lids. They are sold by Harley-Davidson.

An ice cream food stand Steering Committee gift,

Another view of the ice cream stand.

Another Steering Committee gift--a hot dog stand.

Here's my hot dog stand with totebag favor gifts.

This beautiful hutch was a Door Prize I received at Sunday Brunch. I was thrilled beyond.

This is the hexagonal fireworks stand Theme Luncheon gift from Sue Herber, laser cut by Charlotte Atcher. She gave us little blocks of wood and a printie sheet to make the fireworks. The wood blocks were pre-cut and pre-painted, we just had to cut out the printies, affix the printie, and arrange to our liking. I still have printies left, and the front could use more fireworks boxes and a person behind the counter.

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